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Ever thought your mate was a bit of a dick and didn't want to send them flowers for their birthday? We'll we have solved all your problems with a vanilla-scented, realistic Cock Candle! Comes complete with oddly smooth glans, weirdly realistic veins and a dainty ball sack.


Ever thought to yourself, what should I buy my mate who has been through a bad breakup? Does your mate need cheering up? Or was your ex-boyfriend just a general dick? well, now you can burn his dick to the ground! 

Bring your party to life! The Hens Night candle is perfect for a girls (or boys) night out! No Hens Night is complete without a cock shaped gift, turn the living room into a cock themed oasis. P.S not suitable for anything other than a candle..

Proudly made in New Zealand!

We take no responsibility if you burn your house down or yourself etc xo

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Yes we do wholesale and custom colouring on bulk orders. contact us:

The Cock Candle
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